Make yourself cozy!. You'll find my work and other design things that I find may interest you. If you’re looking to chat, shoot an e-mail at rvguitard@gmail.com.

Banff, Canada

Rock Vincent

Currently Sr. Webflow Developer @ Qualified
+ Freelance

Hey, I'm Rock! A Webflow developer based in QC, Canada. I focus on bringing designs to the web using no-code tools. You'll usually find me scouring Figma files, and probably too many windows open.

Sintra, Portugal
Chiang Mai, Thailand

My journey through design began with my love for video games. I've always been attentive to beautiful user interfaces, animations and seamless experiences. I would immerse myself into these fantasy worlds quite easily. These observations would turn into a passion for design.

Now I'm currently working full-time as a Sr. Webflow developer at Qualified.com, while also doing freelance Webflow work on the side!

More about me. I'm an extracurricular type of guy. I love sports, and tend to feed off competition. Whatever sport, board or video game you want to play, I'm in. When I'm off the computer, you'll either find me at my local MMA gym, or playing badminton with some friends.

My Freelance

I've had the chance to partner with many types of businesses, from B2B startups, to design and Webflow agencies.